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5 editor-approved perennial pieces by CINCO

5 editor-approved perennial pieces by CINCO

my love of jewels started in my formative years when I would routinely visit my mother's jewellery box and messily adhere her clip-on earrings to my lobes whilst marvelling at my bejewelled reflection in the mirror. as you might imagine, when it came to building a collection of my own, I was spellbound. much like apparel, I believe in cultivating a collection akin to a wearable wardrobe. although my clothing is fairly refined, my jewellery collection is a tad sizeable but each piece has the power to elevate an outfit to new heights. keep reading for the top five pieces on my wish list, courtesy of the CINCO Store.

my love of earrings has become a topic of jest amongst my loved ones as I’m seldom seen without them. I’ll admit, I’ve fallen asleep in overstated earrings and I never consider an outfit complete unless I’m clad in some form of earring. they’re often overstated, gold and almost always adorned with pearls.

five lucky diamonds necklace

whenever I wear necklaces I prefer barely visible styles, beckoning the light when they so wish. the five lucky diamonds is exemplary and a piece that will fit into my jewellery capsule seamlessly. I often wear scoop neck and bardot clothing and I adore the pairing with necklaces that grace the décolletage on fine chains.

cate hoop diamond

I owned the cate hoops in 2022 and sadly lost a pair to one of paris’ underground jazz cafés (as a result of spinning a tad too vivaciously on the dancefloor!) to date, they are the best quality earrings I’ve owned. the sheen of the diamonds, snug fit and curvature make it a unique piece. it’s understated, delicate and a wonderful piece for layering to further compliment an earring stack.

chris bracelet

much like necklaces, I prefer bracelets of the dainty variety. I currently have a welded bracelet and I like to elevate my stack by piling fine bracelets atop. the chris bracelet is perfect for this. it's fine and boasts a circular encrusted diamond. it may not be welded but there’s no need to ever remove it.

solitaire ring

whilst fine rings are often bandied with marriage bands, there’s something equally sentimental about wearing thin bands irrespective of nuptials. this band is cited as “the ring" by CINCO and I couldn’t agree with a more forthcoming declaration as it speaks to the universality and timelessness. it’s a subtle yet effective piece for every day wear.

avalon is a london-born editor and creative writer based in paris. since graduating with an english degree in 2013, she’s written for some of the uk’s most esteemed fashion and lifestyle publications, including who what wear, refinery29, eliza and stylist.

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