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amangiri, the place I need to go

amangiri, the place I need to go

we made a promise — me and my friends. the first person who can, will lead the others on a pleasure trip to amangiri. is this the most wanted place on earth? this location, in my opinion, strikes the ideal blend between modern luxury and simple natural beauty.

in the heart of the awe-inspiring utah desert lies a sanctuary of serenity, a hidden gem known as amangiri, a 5-star resort. enveloped by mesmerizing landscapes, amangiri offers a unique and luxurious retreat that caters to your every desire. the allure of this desert oasis, with its promise of indulgent massages, enchanting attractions, and the prospect of never leaving the comfort of the hotel, beckons those seeking an unforgettable escape from the ordinary day.

@aimeesong wearing dylan necklace at amangiri

amangiri stands as an architectural masterpiece, harmoniously blending with the dramatic natural scenery from the desert. this exclusive destination redefines luxury, offering travelers an unparalleled experience from the moment they set foot on its grounds. the hotel boasts lavish suites, each meticulously designed to showcase the beauty of the desert outside while providing a cocoon of comfort and opulence within.

imagine the gentle caress of the desert breeze as you immerse yourself in a massage experience like no other. the meditative ambiance of the desert landscape enhances the therapeutic benefits, leaving you feeling both relaxed and spiritually invigorated.

photos from amangiri website

with a hotel as enchanting as amangiri, it's understandable if the temptation to remain within its luxurious confines lingers throughout your stay. the hotel provides a plethora of activities, from culinary delights prepared by world-class chefs to lounging by the pool and gazing at the stars as the desert night unfolds its mysteries.

for the ultimate private and secluded experience, amangiri offers guests the option of staying in their suites and indulging in the hotel's extensive room service menu. savoring gourmet meals, enjoying spa treatments in the comfort of your suite, and simply embracing the tranquility of your surroundings, all while relishing the captivating views through floor-to-ceiling windows, creates a unique and intimate connection to the natural world outside.

photo from amangiri website

but while the allure of staying cocooned within the confines of amangiri's luxurious offerings is undeniable the surrounding region holds a myriad of captivating attractions that tempt even the most resolute homebodies:

antelope canyon
just a short drive away lies the iconic antelope canyon, a mesmerizing sandstone slot canyon famous for its undulating, swirling patterns and beams of sunlight that create an ethereal spectacle.

horseshoe bend
witness the grandeur of nature at horseshoe bend, where the colorado river gracefully curves around the sandstone cliffs, forming a breathtaking panorama that is a photographer's delight.

grand staircase
escalante national monument: embark on a journey of discovery through this vast and rugged landscape, where ancient rock formations, slot canyons, and hidden waterfalls beckon adventurers.

lake powell
for those seeking aquatic adventures, lake powell offers opportunities for boating, kayaking, and exploring numerous hidden coves and sandy beaches.

so an escape to amangiri promises a soul-stirring experience like no other. I hope someday it will be my turn. for the time being, CINCO has already gone there with amiee song and other powerful girls, and that is all that matters.

@aimeesong wearing dylan necklace at amangiri

li furtado
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