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candle scents: a sophisticated touch

candle scents: a sophisticated touch

from the freshest to the warmest there are several scent options to elevate your atmosphere and turn your home into an inspiring place. it’s going to be your exclusive signature and the guests will definitely love it! keep reading to discover some unique fragrances that will make your home breathe elegance.

for anyone who likes a luxurious touch, loewe always has a good gift. think about a fusion of an orange essence with elegant design and discover the missing detail in your living room. it combines soft and pure scents of nature that will fill your home with color.

orange blossom medium scented candle, loewe

this one will awaken your senses and bring you back to the best memories. you'll feel like you're traveling to a sunny paradise you've been before or somewhere you really wanna go. fresh citrus top notes of lemon and bergamot will sweep your tropical heart away.

pink pepper, iris, ambrette and ambrox will bring comfort and warmth to your space. glossier designed this vegan blend to be the perfect scent to fill your family dinners with sweetness and beauty. and when it's gone, the elegant red glass provides a beautiful and functional keepsake for repurposing.

scented candle, glossier

the classics never compromise. a vanilla-scented candle makes any environment more relaxing and pleasant. diptyque presents a wide collection of scented candles inspired by nature that transform light into perfume.

vanilla classic candle, diptyque paris 

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