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designing and launching a capsule collection

designing and launching a capsule collection

designing and launching a capsule collection isn't just about fashion; it's a deeply personal journey where creativity meets vulnerability. it's about turning the whispers of your heart into tangible pieces of art and invite people to travel on it. I had the incredible opportunity to undertake this rollercoaster as I designed two capsule collections for maquette, a portuguese brand. designing a fashion collection was always one of my biggest dreams but I never thought it would happen. but sometimes the universe surprise us when we less expect.

in this article, I invite you into my world, sharing the intimate moments and emotions that defined this unforgettable journey.

the journey began with a spark of inspiration that ignited within me. I wanted to create a collection that told a story. my first capsule collection “allure” by memories from the city of love, art, gastronomy, and fashion: paris. it was a place where I found myself while I was getting lost. it will always be my favorite place on earth. every piece was inspired by places, perfumes, movies, songs and even people that are very special to me now.

the second collection “innocence” was an is an ode to the innocence that resides within all of us, an exploration of the grace and charm found in life's simplest moments and feelings. every piece was inspired by some “lost thought" that were written in one of my diaries about love, life, relationships.

all pieces are white emphasizing simplicity, clarity, and purity. in all the collections each piece had a personalized label inside with a quote reminding us to the story/inspiration behind the piece.

three personalized labels

designing the pieces was probably the easiest thing. the first time it took me less than 1 hour in a café before going to a cycling class. I didn't thought that much, designed 3 pieces that I always wanted to have. it started with the ÓPERA dress that was the perfect black dress for me, then MONTMATRE top, a red one and finally the MARAIS dress that was a cut-out blue dress inspired by a first date.

ÓPERA dress and florence bag in silver, from sigh store
MONTMATRE top and florence bag in silver, from sigh store
MARAIS dress and florence bag in silver, from sigh store

in the second collection we did a release of the ÓPERA dress and the MONTMATRE top in white and we added my favorite piece the VULNÉRABILITÉ top that I designed on the atelier while I was doing the first fitting.

AMOUR dress and RÊVE top

designing a capsule collection is not without its challenges, right? and of course, I had a few. on the first collection it was mostly a time challenge.

I had a trip booked to paris on the 13th of march and I wanted to do the photos there no matter what. I only had the first fitting one week and a half before and being the perfectionist that I am, we had to make several adjustments.

I ended up receiving the pieces 8 hours before the flight without a final fitting. it was kind stressful. I had other little problems on the day of the shooting. it was snowing and very cold and unfortunately, it was just me and the photographer, we had to change our initial idea of photos. I returned very sick to portugal.

on the second capsule collection we had problems with finding the perfect fabrics. the fabric makes all the difference in a piece, and I have been always very picky with fabrics.

textile quality testing

navigating the logistical aspects of production, such as sourcing materials and coordinating with manufacturers, was another challenge. it taught me the importance of clear communication and meticulous planning. there were setbacks and delays, but I learned to embrace them as opportunities to refine my collection further.

the culmination of work and dedication arrived when the day of the collection launch arrived. the venue was filled with anticipation, excitement, fear, lots of overthinking moments and of course anxiety.

this is probably the moment I like least to be honest. I start to question myself a lot about everything. this is a thing I am working on myself and not be so hard. but this is also the most rewarding part is where you receive all the love, good energies. it made all the sleepless nights and doubts worthwhile. it's a good mix of feelings.

designing and launching a capsule collection is a journey that transcends fashion. it's an exploration of self, a testament to creativity, and an affirmation of personal values. this experience has forever changed me, reminding me of the power of passion, vulnerability, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

as I continue my creative odyssey, I carry with me the lessons and emotions of this journey. every piece I design reflects my heart, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it. find the collection here.

daniela pedroso, a 25-year-old with an insatiable thirst for life, is a free soul at heart. from a young age, her world has been colored by the vibrant hues of fashion, music, and art. her journey led her to the enchanting streets of paris, where she pursued her dreams and achieved a remarkable 5+ in luxury brand management.

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