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how dance makes you a happier person: international dance day

how dance makes you a happier person: international dance day

I started to dance when I was 10 years old. I was more into gymnastics by that time, but when ballroom dancing appeared in my little hometown everyone wanted to try it, it was different, fresh, bold and beautiful (I will never forget those shining dresses). dancing in couples is challenging and with 10 years old you’re not prepared for that, but ballroom dancing is also about discipline, perseverance and last but not least fun, so much fun. 

my first partner was my cousin and what started as a twice a week training suddenly became something more serious, also more intense, and we were invited to start participating in ballroom dance competitions. at 11 years old, I did my first competition, made it to the final and if I was enjoying dancing by that time, entering the competition world was something else. it was like having butterflies tickling all over your body before you enter the dance floor, a feeling impossible to describe, impossible to understand, it was pure happiness. 

I changed partners, the training got more intense, the competition got higher, I started to dance 5 days a week, competitions on saturdays, so no time for birthday parties, no time for boyfriends, I was doing my homeworks late at night, but it was all worth it.

I’ve grown in the middle of ballroom dancing, from a little girl with 10 to a woman with 19 years old. dance will always be a big part of who I am and when you spend so much time in this environment what matters the most is the people that you’re surrounded by. my teachers were the best ones, they taught me to enjoy the moment, to be patient, to never in any circumstances give up, to be disciplined and if it looks difficult make it look easy. today I dance just for fun, it always makes me a happier person, because dance is not just about moving your body, it is about what makes you feel when you do it.


sara sebastião is lisbon-based content writer and specialist. born in ‘86 in lisbon, she graduated in translation from the university of aveiro. after working for over 6 years in a conservative german company, she decided to follow her love for fashion and started her path as a product content writer in a luxury fashion company. with a summer state of mind, she’s passionate about books, workouts, italian food and wine.

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