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how food can have an impact on your mood

how food can have an impact on your mood

the effects of food on health are not limited to the body. from sugars to carbohydrates, each type has a different effect. energy, mood or sleep can be affected by your eating habits, so it's important to build a rainbow of good choices for your brain.

experts suggest you include a wide variety of plant-based foods in your diet, such as fruit and vegetables, and that you reduce the frequency with which you eat ultra-processed foods, such as cookies or packaged snacks.

it's important to develop an emotional connection with food. establishing close contact with people who sell or grow your food, slowing down and sharing meals with family and friends are all part of a very important routine for nourishing mind and soul.

added or refined sugars, processed foods and industrial seed oils cause inflammation, which leads to stress and bad moods, making the mind overloaded, stressed and anxious. if you want to calm your mind and give your mental health a boost, you should eat an anti-anxiety diet that includes foods rich in nutrients that improve your mental health.

some research suggests that anxiety is linked to a lack of magnesium, so eating foods rich in this mineral, such as beans, can help calm your mind. diets rich in fiber are also associated with lower levels of depression and anxiety.

we can give you some suggestions that will certainly improve your daily well-being and make your day even better.

foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as seafood, nuts and vegetable oils can improve mood disorders such as depression. salmon or mackerel and sardines are good choices if you want to avoid getting upset about your day.

vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower or leafy greens contain compounds that reduce inflammation, which is linked to various health problems, including depression and anxiety. they are your greatest ally on stressful days.

eggs can also be the key to a healthy immune system. low iron levels can make you feel tired, so a simple breakfast of eggs and toast can help you have a better brain day.

fruit plays a very important role when it comes to mental health. consuming blueberries can have an impact on brain function and cognition. they contain polyphenols that greatly support brain health and are a delicious easy option to incorporate into your daily diet.

spices such as cinnamon or saffron are rich in antioxidants and contain anti-inflammatory compounds that improve metabolism. saffron contains an impressive selection of antioxidants, including crocin and crocetin, which have antidepressant properties. they will add flavor to your meals and protect your brain cells from progressive damage.

nutritionists recommend eating a couple of small squares of extra dark chocolate every other day. you can combine it with clementine or orange slices for an extra boost. extra dark chocolate is rich in iron and polyphenols which have several health benefits and citrus fruits contain vitamin c, which has been shown to help with iron absorption.

there is a link between iron deficiency and anxiety, so this piece of chocolate will certainly brighten up your coldest days.

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