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international children's books day: the best of 2024

international children's books day: the best of 2024

international children's book day is celebrated each year on or around april 2, the birthday of the beloved danish author hans christian andersen. celebrated since 1967, the day aims to inspire a love of reading and draw attention to children's books.
so here are our picks for the latest releases. 


the beloved character jim panzee is very grumpy about valentine's day. that is, until his buddy norman shows him that the holiday is for everyone. 


the crayons love our planet and are proud of the contributions they have made. white ice caps, green trees, blue oceans and skies, brown earth...and so much more! even beige is proud of what it's helped to create: wheat! this humorous mini hardcover book shows the beauty of our planet and why it needs all of us to be complete.


the eyes and the impossible is the story of a dog named Johannes. johannes is a free dog, a fast dog - such a fast dog! he lives in a city park by the sea. every day he runs through the park, sees everything, misses nothing, and reports what he sees to the park's three old bisons, the keepers of the balance. but the balance has been upset.
mysterious rectangles hypnotize johannes. people are building a strange new structure, and a whole new kind of animal has arrived in the park - and there are hundreds of them. johannes must run faster, see better, and ultimately do more than just run and see - he must free the ones he loves.


 aliya's grandfather is her only family, but lately he has been acting strange. He's forgotten her birthday, and he keeps disappearing. when a mysterious gift arrives that seems to grant her wishes, aliya uncovers a secret - she comes from a long line of illustrious time travelers. whisked away by magic carpet to the infinite city in a parallel egypt, aliya enrolls in an extraordinary academy where she finally makes new friends. but the threat of magic looms - rumors of the return of dorian dark, a cunning master of time. and with aliya's special abilities, he can twist history forever...

return to the enchanting magical world of the hatmakers in this sprawling, epic and exciting new adventure on the high seas - perfect for fans of nevermoor, a pinch of magic and harry potter.
cordelia hatmaker has finally united the families of the makers and restored the faith of the kingdom in the magic of the makers. but mysterious outbreaks of chaotic magic begin to occur all over london. then the unthinkable happens... cordelia is accused of treason. she must flee london immediately as the guards close in. cordelia sets sail on her family's ship, the little bear, with her father, prospero, and her friends sam and goose, for the adventure of a lifetime. they're determined to solve the mystery of a missing girl. they want to clear cordelia's name once and for all.
but soon they find themselves in the dangerous territory of a legendary band of pirates: the troublemakers. can cordelia stand up to the fierce and unstoppable pirate queen?

cláudia cavaleiro the editor in chief for CINCO editorial. born in '82 in coimbra, she is graduated in philosophy from the university of coimbra. passionate about books and podcasts in a geek kind of way, she always find something interesting to research. loves to bring awareness to social problems and loves working at CINCO!

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