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madeira island

madeira island

like a precious pearl hidden in the vast ocean, madeira island remains a little-discovered jewel.

it is famous for its breathtaking beauty and rich cultural heritage, which is reflected not only in its breathtaking landscapes, but also in its delicious cuisine.
when I travel, my lens naturally looks for places where I can find immaculately plated dishes, in restaurants or hotels that exude glamour, but I also love to have real gastronomic experiences in any place, whether in markets or restaurants where the napkins and tablecloths are made of paper and if there are 2 identical glasses on the same table, it is pure luck!

it is here that I usually taste the true gastronomic identity of this destination.
on my last visit to Madeira, I had to go to the "talho do caniço", an experience that begins in a butcher's shop, where we have the opportunity to choose the meat we want to put on our kebab! We walked along the street, kebab in hand, towards the back of the butcher's shop, where we found some high tables and a man in charge of a giant barbecue, where we grilled our kebabs, we just had to inform the meat done to their preference. while we wait, we have to pick up the remaining elements for the meal, bread, glasses, cutlery and napkins, we can choose between wine, beer or soft drinks, it may seem like a simpler or less glamorous meal, but I guarantee it was the best meat kebab I've ever had in my life!

another of madeira's delicacies is the "bolo do caco", which can be found in a variety of ways, freshly made, toasted with garlic butter, accompanied by some beautiful clams "à bolhão pato" or even stuffed with chorizo, which goes so well with a "brisa passion fruit", the only soft drink you must try during your stay!
but I have to admit that it was the "prego" in bolo do caco that ruined my diet, a meat sandwich made with this typical bread, I tried several, but the best one I tasted was in a small sports bar, a completely unpretentious place, right in front of the carlton pestana.
but to talk about madeira is to talk about poncha! nobody can resist a toast with this mixture of sugar cane spirit, sugar and lemon juice.
see you soon madeira!





barbara tomaz is a passionate photographer. a few years ago, she discovered that she could combine two of her great passions: photography and food. as a photographer and author of food styling: a arte de comer com os olhos, barbara can create the perfect harmony between the ingredients of a recipe and ultimately tell a story. get to know her here: @barbara.tomaz.foodstyling.

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