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make your tan last longer than your holiday, with frederica

make your tan last longer than your holiday, with frederica

have you ever wondered why your beautiful tan seems to disappear faster than you'd like? it's frustrating, isn't it? but don't worry! there are ways to make your tan last longer and keep that sun-kissed glow for weeks. today I’ll share with you my tips and a review of my biggest secret this summer: FREDERICΛ's tanning intensifier.

FREDERICΛ's tanning intensifier

TIP 1: exfoliate before you tan.
one of the secrets to a long-lasting tan is to exfoliate your skin before you even think about applying any tanning products. by removing dead skin cells, you create a smooth canvas for the tan to adhere to.

TIP 2: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.
hydrated skin is key to maintaining a tan. after showering and exfoliating, make sure to moisturize your skin thoroughly. look for a moisturizer that contains natural oils like coconut or jojoba oil. these oils will lock in moisture and help your tan stay for longer.

TIP 3: avoid long hot showers.
as tempting as it may be to soak in a hot bath or take a steamy shower, it's best to avoid them if you want your tan to last. hot water can strip away the top layer of your skin, taking your tan with it. instead, go for lukewarm water. your tan will thank you!

TIP 4 [one of the most important]: protect your skin from the sun.
protecting your skin from the sun is essential for maintaining a tan. too much sun exposure can cause your skin to peel and your tan to fade quickly. Don’t forget to always wear sunscreen with a high SPF when you're outside.

TIP 5: my holly grail, use the FREDERICΛ tanning intensifier.
beside following these tips, I can assure you that the FREDERICΛ tanning intensifier will make your tan last longer than your holiday.

FREDERICΛ's tanning intensifier

FREDERICΛ is a portuguese brand, founded by the sweetest vanessa martins. the main focus of this incredible brand is to provide you with a guide to start living your best life without excuses or regrets. FREDERICΛ is “a friend who is willing to follow you on your transformation journey, delivering wellness advice without ever outlining the route for you”.

they have a specific line of products, bronzeada, to help you acquire a healthy, golden tan while also protecting your skin from the sun — trust me on this. today I’ll share with you a review on a product that I’m completely in love: the tanning intensifier.

gala bracelet ft FREDERICΛ's tanning intensifier

this tanning intensifier gives you a quicker, deeper, and longer-lasting tan. thanks to its green walnut oil and beta-carotene, it also works on less sunny days. it is appropriate for use both before and during sun exposure since it contains vitamins and natural oils that nourish and protect your skin. personally, one of the the best aspects, is that it is an entirely natural product and it doesn't include any self-tanner. it is amazing! it gives you the most beautiful glow tan.

dona margo necklace ft FREDERICΛ's tanning intensifier

I used this for 7 days straight and I can tell I never had this perfect tan color! it definitely helps you tan quicker, but be aware that it doesn't have SPF sun protection so don’t forget to protect your skin first. it also gives you the necessary moisture while leaving your skin smell like a tropical paradise. it glides on smooth and absorbs quickly. this formula even has sparkly glitter in it to give you a glow [no worries, the glitter doesn't shed and is easy to remove in the shower] I truly recommend this!!

gala bracelet, noeud ring and bia ring ft FREDERICΛ's tanning intensifier

besides this product, don’t forget to check their exfoliating body scrub, the after sun, the body illuminator and also the incredible tanning activating gummies. you can get the individual products or the full bronzeada kit.

with proper care, you can enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting tan that will remind you of your holiday for weeks to come. don’t forget to give us your feedback on the tanning intensifier and follow FREDERICΛ on the instagram here

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