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one day in new york city

one day in new york city

the thing that makes me want to come back to new york every single time is that one can never run out of things to do. there’s always something new to see, a new restaurant to try, an art exhibition that you just can’t miss. the possibilities are endless. I wouldn’t call this an itinerary, especially if you’re new to the city, but hopefully, you can add some of these places to your list.


ever since my friend and chef extraordinaire deolinda introduced me to frenchette, no trip to the city is complete without a visit to this bakery. tucked away in the historic merchant square building, right in the heart of tribeca, frenchette bakery is the perfect pit stop in the morning. their mortadella egg savory... unbelievable! from the crisp layers, to the beautiful hue of the poached egg, it’s hard to even want to try something new because this is hands down one of my favorite things to eat in new york.

FRENCHETTE BAKERY (220 church st



as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip hop, brooklyn public library presents the book of hov, an exhibition curated by roc nation to honor rapper jay z, a native to the borough. the immersive exhibition runs until december 4th - the rappers’s birthday - and it’s free and open to the public. the book of hov showcases a collection of items, art pieces, unreleased images, as well as installations from different artists, all part of the rapper’s personal archive. unfortunately, I haven’t been able to visit the exhibition yet. when I visited new york earlier in the month, they were having a private event.

THE BOOK OF HOV AT BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY (10 grand army plaza, brooklyn)



soho will forever be favorite shopping destination in new york, mostly because I love the way big-name designers and brands are balanced by high-street brands as well as niche stores. but bedford avenue, which runs through the always trendy and cool williamsburg neighborhood, has become a close second.

for the ultimate shopping experience check these addresses:

AMARCORD VINTAGE FASHION (223 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn), CHICKEE’S VINTAGE (135 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn), AWOKE VINTAGE (16 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn)CATBIRD (108 N 7th St, Brooklyn)KITH WILLIAMSBURG (25 Kent Ave Suite 102, Brooklyn)GLOSSIER (77 N. 6th, Brooklyn)SPOONBILL AND SUGARTOWN BOOKS (218 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn), MINI MALL (218 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn)


have you seen the meme that says that it would take over 20 years to eat at every single new york city restaurant? truth be told, it’s almost impossible to walk a block without passing a restaurant. and since you are already in williamsburg, here are some of my favorites in the area: NAMI NORI (236 N 12th st, brooklyn), for temaki hand rolls, BONNIE'S (398 manhattan ave, brooklyn), a cantonese restaurant where you can try its infamous stuffed trout, RULE OF THIRDS (171 banker st, brooklyn), a japanese izakaya-style restaurant, that also serves brunch on sundays or ensenada (168 borinquen pi, brooklyn) for mexican seafood and mezcal.

BONNIE'S (398 manhattan ave, brooklyn)NAMI NORI (236 N 12th st, brooklyn)RULE OF THIRDS (171 banker st, brooklyn)



what better way to end a day in new york than having a drink with the manhattan skyline as the backdrop? located on the 6th floor of the wythe hotel, bar blondeau is a favorite among locals and travelers. the french-style bar features chic interiors and panoramic windows while offering a selection of signature cocktails and wines. if the weather conditions allow, enjoy the breathtaking views from the outdoor terrace.

BAR BLONDEAU AT THE WYTHE HOTEL, 80 wythe ave (6th floor) 


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