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people in fashion that matter: franca sozzani

people in fashion that matter: franca sozzani

when it comes to the world of fashion, there are certain individuals who have made a significant impact and shaped the industry as we know it today. these are the people that matter in fashion… the visionaries, journalists, designers, and influencers who have left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape we know these days.

today we are talking about franca sozzani. franca sozzani was editor-in-chief of vogue italia for 28 years before sadly passed away in december 2016. born in mantua, italy, sozzani studied philosophy and germanic literature at university

photographed by bruce weber, vogue, october 2016

during her time at the magazine, sozzani brought a fresh and unconventional perspective to fashion journalism. she did not fear controversy, leading and directing features on fashion's weight debate, plastic surgery and her groundbreaking all-black issue. she also took on issues she felt were important through her blog and public speaking, including a speech to the harvard student union on fashion's approach to body image.

photos of franca sozzani

one of sozzani's most notable contributions was the 2008 "black issue" of vogue italia. this groundbreaking issue featured only black models, highlighting the lack of diversity in the fashion industry. the issue sparked a global conversation and paved the way for greater inclusivity in fashion.

cover of vogue italy, all black issue, july 2008

as well as championing diversity, sozzani also focused on promoting body positivity. she launched the "curvy" section in vogue italia, dedicated to celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. this initiative challenged prevailing notions of beauty and promoted inclusivity in an industry often criticised for its narrow standards.

this amazing women believed that fashion had the power to transcend its superficial image and serve as a platform for social change. she used her position at vogue italia to shed light on important social and cultural issues. she explored issues such as domestic violence, drug addiction and the effects of war through powerful visual storytelling. furthermore, sozzani was a strong advocate for sustainability in the fashion industry. sozzani believed that fashion should not be at the expense of the planet and encouraged designers and consumers to embrace sustainable alternatives.

vogue italy covers, directed by franca sozzani

franca sozzani's legacy extends far beyond the pages of vogue italia… her innovative and socially conscious approach to fashion journalism continues to inspire and influence the industry today! sozzani's commitment to diversity and inclusivity paved the way for greater representation in fashion. her efforts challenged the industry to reevaluate its standards and embrace a more inclusive definition of beauty.

following her death in 2016, netflix released a documentary about the late editor's life, franca: chaos and creation, directed by her son francesco carrozzini, and it's a must-see!

film still from chaos and creation, 2016

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