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rotterdam, more than just a city of trade and transaction

rotterdam, more than just a city of trade and transaction

rotterdam is one of europe’s great cities of trade and transaction and this has ensured, in recent decades. rotterdam is the second‐largest city in the netherlands and one of the biggest ports in the world! besides that, I can ensure you rotterdam is a modern, vibrant city full of architecture, art, culture, great transports and lots of great food and fun spots to explore!

the first time I’ve visited rotterdam was in september 2022 and I was immediately charmed. let me give you a brief historical context of this city. rotterdam's history dates to the 13th century when a fishing village was built along a small river called the rotte. a municipal charter was granted in 1340 and the area became a prosperous trading area in the 16th and 17th centuries.

having suffered terribly in the second world war, this city has rebuilt itself and, in so doing, carved out a reputation for sustainability and innovation. you easily notice this on the unusual and interesting buildings. the city it has this overall energy of youth and wonderful free-thinking! 

walking in the streets of rotterdam

today I’ll share with you some of the places I’ve visited and totally recommend.

— stay at room mate bruno hotel, without a doubt
room mate bruno is very unique for its interior & exterior design! I took so many photos that I’lll try not to spam you in here… besides that, the location is excellent. the rooms are incredible, with big soft beds, nice pillows, an amazing breakfast and a gorgeous view. highly recommended!

at room mate bruno hotel

— the iconic cube houses
one of the most distinctive names of architecture, personally, is piet blom’s overblaak and of course I was mind blowed for the opportunity to visit the interior of a cube house. although most of them are residential, remarkably, the fully furnished show-cube acts as an outdoor museum! check the kijk-kubus museum-house to discover a fully decorated house.

inside and outside the cube houses

— the markthal
opposite the cube houses stands another rotterdam jewel: the 120m-long, horseshoe-shaped markthal with a stunning curving ceiling mural whose food and flowers. here you can find gourmet fast-food stands, delicatessens, cafes, cheesemongers and a riot of smells and beautiful colors. 

at markthal

— depot boijmans-van beuningen
being a designer, and an art lover, of course I had to visit the depot… twice, in the same week!!! the museum boijmans-van beuningen is the world’s first publicly accessible art storage facility, boasting over 150,000 collected pieces of art and other objects. in my opinion, this is truly one of the best art collections in the world and a spectacular way to spend your morning ou evening.

at depot boijmans-van beuningen museum

— walk throuh witte de withstraat
witte de with street is one of the cool areas in the city. filled with cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and shops, there’s always something happening on this street adjacent to the museumpark (also a cool place to visit, with great museums).

at witte de withstraat

— eat at the fenix food factory or at the food hallen
fenix food factory space is occupied by eleven entrepreneurs, including a brewery, bakery, cheese monger, and butcher, among others. it’s a great place to try out everything from dutch foods like stroopwafels to moroccan tapas. foodhallen, located in the center of rotterdam (and next to room mate bruno hotel) has a collection of food stalls, restaurants, and bars. its offerings range from sushi to thai food to falafel sandwiches. and don’t forget to try the traditional european items like belgian waffles or french crepes. this is, for sure, one of the best things to do in rotterdam with friends before spending a night out on the town! this place brings diversity together, combining great food & drinks with wonderful staff.

at food hallen

— cycle in the direction of the erasmus bridge
since you’re in the world’s cycling nation (I think this country may have more bikes than citizens), grab a bike and go thought the erasmus bridge. this is a beautiful bridge that connects both sides of the city.

at erasmus bridge

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