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rules were made to be broken

rules were made to be broken

in one of her recent uploads on instagram, stylist alison bornstein addressed a subject that has been on my mind for quite some time now: rules and how they affect our style. are they really helpful? are they a complete scam? do they just add more restraint and limitations to the task of getting dressed every morning? let’s discuss.

I like to think of rules as a blueprint: a map to guide and help us navigate times (or moments) of style uncertainty. and to put it simply, some of these so-called style principles do make sense when putting an outfit together and, to an extent, can make our lives easier. however, I don’t think we should take them as an absolute fact, unless - of course - we are fully on board with them. the thing is no one really knows exactly where these rules came from, or who made them up but in a weird way we all feel compelled to follow them.

“don’t mix metals”, “navy and blue don’t go together”, “you can’t wear that color, it will wash you out”, “that dress is not good for your body type”. we all have heard it at some point in our lives, haven’t we? I can’t help to wonder how boring life would be if we all followed the exact same guidelines. instead of following rules indiscriminately, take time to ask if these rules do you any favors. and if you feel that they are too limiting, maybe - just maybe - it’s time to break free. after all, rules were made to be broken, remember?

it’s 2024. don’t let nobody dictate what you should and shouldn’t be wearing. some of these rules are so outdated that it’s hard to believe that they have sticked for decades. and to be honest, when I think about the times I feel the most confident in my clothes, it’s never about which style rules worked the best. style (and life) really does get fun when we go beyond the norm. there’s something magical and quite liberating about purposely dressing clothes that are in tune with who we are.

and because one of the biggest misconceptions is that gold and silver clash, CINCO has proved over and over again that the two actually go quite well together. here are some pieces that mix the two tones with ease.

dona margo two tone choker


cátia santos reis "the world is yours but greece is mine” could be her mantra as cátia santos reis is yet to find a greek island she hasn’t fallen in love with. in the meantime, she keeps traveling the world. for CINCO editorial, the 34 year-old, will share her favorite things to do, visit and eat in every destination.

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