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SPF sunscreens and make up

SPF sunscreens and make up

we love the sun, it is fundamental and necessary, but more than ever we are aware that exposure must be controlled and we must protect our skin to keep it healthy, because there are countless negative effects of lack of protection.

how can we protect ourselves from the sun without compromising our makeup?

if we are wearing make-up and we need to reapply the sunscreen (which we should do every two or three hours), we can use powders or sprays with physical sunscreens because the chemicals do not act on the skin when we are wearing make-up. the spray seems to me to be the most practical in order to leave the make-up intact.



for daily use, I like to use a sunscreen with a color because it offers a number of advantages, it is practical and it is quick to apply. there are several options to meet almost any need, covering blemishes, redness or balancing. they are water and sweat resistant, with uva and uvb protection. with a choice of shiny or matte finishes, there are options for different skin types.

for those who cannot do without makeup, shiseido's sports bb, a perfect combination of foundation and protection, has spf 50 and a very natural finish, is fairly durable and dries quickly.

protecting the eye area is essential. I like to use sunissime, it helps to even out and leaves this area bright and protected.



I always like to feel my lips moisturized and I always use carmex in a tube, the spf is a bonus.

make sure you check the expiration date on the products you use!


vanessa kuzer 48 years old, born in mozambique, as a child she dreamed of being an elementary school teacher, but ended up studying social work in coimbra, while still working as a social worker on the weekends. she took the makeup course at make: up artist in lisbon as a hobby. she learned from the best artists in the field. names like mario dedivanovic, samer khouzami and charlotte tilbury were part of the learning process. her trademark is the "no makeup look".

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