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technological beauty: the personalized beauty revolution

technological beauty: the personalized beauty revolution

technology is revolutionizing the beauty industry, driving personalization and opening up a world of possibilities. innovations in skincare and makeup allow us to achieve ever more effective results, meeting the individual needs of each skin.

advanced skin diagnostics

intelligent devices and skin analysis applications allow precise analysis of features, from wrinkles and fine lines to blemishes and texture. based on these diagnoses, products and treatments can be determined.

lancôme, one of l'oréal's brands, has a skin screen that analyzes the health of our skin in 20 minutes (not yet available in portugal). you can try the e-skin expert or neutrogena skin360 app and get a clear idea of your needs and the right care. the democratization of personalised skincare is making great strides towards us.

personalized skincare

companies are looking for customized skincare solutions, with formulas and ingredients selected according to our skin profile. through online questionnaires or dna analysis, brands create unique products that guarantee optimized results.
an example of this is skinceuticals with custom d.o.s.e. an in-office analysis takes 3 to 5 minutes and with this information, a customized serum is created (we don't have it in portugal yet).

ai and virtual experience

the ai and virtual reality tools allow us to virtually try out different makeup products before we buy them. this way, we can test colors, textures and styles in a practical and fun way, and find the ideal look for every occasion.
with maybelline's virtual makeup try-on we can test different looks and products.
for those who work with microsoft teams, you can now choose one of the 12 looks available and have a virtual makeup available for all your meetings at the click of a button.

3d printing of cosmetics

3d printing technology is revolutionizing the way we create and consume cosmetics. it allows products such as foundations, lipsticks and even treatment masks to be produced with specific ingredients to suit our needs. ysl rouge sur mesure allows us to customize the color of the lipstick, the quantity needed without waste.

the beauty of the future is personalized, technological and sustainable. innovations in this area offer us the opportunity to achieve healthier, more radiant skin, with increasingly specific and effective results. embrace technology and explore the infinite possibilities it offers to enhance your natural beauty, and remember, beauty has no age, and technology is not going to slow down, increasingly helping us to feel confident and radiant at every stage of life. take the time to explore what's new and find out what works best for you.


vanessa kuzer 48 years old, born in mozambique, as a child she dreamed of being an elementary school teacher, but ended up studying social work in coimbra, while still working as a social worker on the weekends. she took the makeup course at make: up artist in lisbon as a hobby. she learned from the best artists in the field. names like mario dedivanovic, samer khouzami and charlotte tilbury were part of the learning process. her trademark is the "no makeup look". 


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