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the most unforgettable looks in fashion history

the most unforgettable looks in fashion history

since the beginning of time, fashion has been a reflection of culture and society. over the years, there have been looks that stood out and are still remembered today. many of them not only influenced the fashion of their time, but continue to do so nowadays. In this article, we will take you on a journey through time and show you some iconic looks that have made history.

in 1783, élisabeth louise vigée le brun painted marie antoinette in a robe de gaulle. this dress marked a change in the fashion conventions of the time. because it was a simple and comfortable dress made of cotton, it led to much criticism, as many said it was not an appropriate dress for a monarch.

marie antoinette in a robe de gaulle, 1783

created by coco chanel in 1926, the little black dress has become an essential wardrobe staple. extremely versatile and elegant, it made it accessible to women of all classes, democratizing luxury fashion.

the little black dress, 1926

the two iconic gowns worn by queen victoria at her coronation in 1838 remain a landmark in british history. her clothes show the importance and power of the monarchy.
queen victoria’s coronation robes, 1938

designed by william travilla, marilyn's satin gown is one of the most iconic outfits of the 50s. consisting of a tight corset and a flowing skirt, it became a symbol of glamour.

marilyn monroe's pink satin gown, 1953

the jean louis gown that marilyn wore to sing "happy birthday" to president kennedy is still an icon today. not just for its design and thousands of hand-stitched diamonds, but for what it represented in the context of the moment.

marilyn monroe party dress, 1962

worn by michelle pfeiffer in the movie scarface, this dress became a symbol of 1980s fashion and was seen as a symbol of luxury and excess. it is still considered one of the most iconic dresses in movie history.

michelle peiffer’s teal slip dress, 1980

worn by princess diana on the day her husband announced his adultery, it became known as the "revenge dress”. It marked the moment when the princess began to project a bolder and more confident image.

the revenge dress, 1994

worn by jennifer lopez on the red carpet, this dress is often cited as the reason for the creation of google images due to the high demand for the look online. it is one of the most iconic dresses of all time.

jennifer lopez’s versace jungle print dress, 2000

lady gaga's 2010 meat dress is one of the most controversial, yet often cited as one of the most memorable moments in fashion.

the meat dress, 2010

meghan markle's wedding dress, designed by clare waight keller, symbolized the evolution of the british monarchy. blending tradition with modernity, it had an impact on bridal fashion, leading brides to opt for simpler gowns.

meghan markle's royal wedding gown, 2018

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