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the objectification of women in fashion

the objectification of women in fashion

due to various factors, objectification primarily affects women. the female body is seen as an object on which anyone can point out flaws and qualities. this happens in a variety of environments, but especially in the world of fashion, we are surrounded by images that present the female body as an object and a commodity, trying to capitalize on insecurities and sell goods.

in fashion photography in particular, the presence of the male gaze has always been a fundamental part of the image-making process. typically, older male photographers have a strong presence in the market, while the models have to be younger and younger to meet the demands of the market.

until the boom of the supermodels in the 80s, the model was generally not credited for her work, she was just a prop used by the photographer.

the female body is often used as a marketing tool to sell products. in the early days of fashion, women were used to wearing clothes, which was indeed necessary, but everything changed when the focus shifted from the clothes to the body. women began to be placed in extravagant poses to entertain the viewer.

guy bourdain for vogue paris, 1977

years later, fashion continued to follow the same pattern.

mario testino for gucci ss, 2003

steven klein for dolce gabbana ss, 2007

although the fight against objectification is more intense today, there is still a long way to go. turning women into objects paves the way for violence against them and often leads them to objectify themselves, resulting in numerous psychological problems.

currenty, there are several artists who defy this pattern and do not objectify women, but empower them. this kind of action opens up space for reflection on the issue, inspiring other artists to do the same.
jamie hawkesworth for vogue
jessica walsh

mariana teixeira is an internship student, from a communication and multimedia design degree, currently in CINCO team. growing up in a small town and loving books, music and art, she always dreamed of a career where she could be creative.

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