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top mum characters: happy mother's day

top mum characters: happy mother's day

mother's day is a time to celebrate the remarkable women who have shaped our lives with their love, wisdom, and strength. as we honor the mothers in our own lives, it's also fitting to pay tribute to the unforgettable mother characters who have left an indelible mark on our hearts through television!

these fictional characters, though not tied to reality, often connect deeply with audiences as they portray the endless complexities and joys of motherhood. in this article, I explore the lives of some of entertainment's most beloved mother characters, their unique qualities, their enduring legacies, and the lessons they teach about love, sacrifice, and resilience.


starting off with the icon that is lorelai gilmore, she is a main character in the television series "gilmore girls". known for her sense of humor, charm, and strong bond with her daughter rory, lorelai is a fiercely independent single mother who defies societal norms. she balances her roles as mother, friend, and businesswoman with grace and humor, creating a unique and loving relationship with her daughter despite her unconventional upbringing.


marilla cuthbert from the beloved series "anne with an e" (based on lucy maud montgomery's "anne of green gables”) is presented as severe and realistic but as she comes to love and care for the lively anne shirley, an orphan, her personality changes dramatically. marilla's journey as a mother figure is an authentic rollercoaster, as anne is considered a girl different from others at the time, due to her vivid spirit and dependency.


aunt may, also known as may parker, is a key character in the spider-man comic books and movies. although not his mother, may plays a maternal role in his life, providing guidance, support, and unconditional love. she faces numerous challenges and tragedies as she serves as a source of strength, wisdom, and moral guidance for her nephew, peter parker (spider-man).


let’s not forget about june osborne, the protagonist of "the handmaid's tale", that shows extraordinary resilience and courage in the face of a dystopian society. as a mother, june is driven by her fierce determination to protect her children and reunite her family. her sacrifices and unyielding commitment to her maternal instincts make her a symbol of maternal strength and defiance against oppression.


last but not least, one of the main characters on "this is us”, rebecca pearson. rebecca, a mother of triplets, handles the challenges of motherhood with dignity, empathy, and unshakable commitment. her multi-decade motherhood journey demonstrates both her ability to bounce back from personal losses and her significant influence on her kids' lives. rebecca's persona serves as an example of the significant impact a mother may have on the relationships and psychological health of her family.

it's clear from thinking back on these remarkable mother figures' lives that their influence goes well beyond fiction. through their struggles and victories, they serve as a constant reminder of the endless power of love, the resilience of difficulties, and the eternal ties that characterize motherhood. whether it's lorelai gilmore's unwavering devotion, marilla cuthbert's quiet strength, aunt may's selflessness, june osborne's resilience, or rebecca pearson's profound influence, each of these characters serves as a testament to the profound and universal power of maternal love.

let's recognize the fictional mothers who never fail to inspire and raise us with their continuous acts of bravery, compassion, and eternal love, as well as to the moms in our own lives, on this mother's day. 

francisca amado is an internship student, from a communication and multimedia design degree , currently in CINCO team. born and raised in the outskirts of coimbra. always showing creativity and ambition, since very young. 

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