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what jewelry should you wear to a job interview?

what jewelry should you wear to a job interview?

good, i'm sure you've prepared yourself to show off all your skills! so it's time to select the jewelry that shows you mean business. don't forget that every detail counts, so this step is very important to show your confidence and give your performance a boost.

first decide what you're going to wear and then read these tips carefully. remember that less is more! so go for accessories that highlight your simplicity and beauty. It’s time to help you choose the pieces that will make you grab this job.


@ana_elisa_, @camilacoelho


pick a pair of minimalist, fine earrings with a simple design. avoid pendants and large hoop earrings (we don't want distractions from the main focus of the conversation). CINCO's collection is so full of choices for this occasion that it’s hard to decide!

norma earrings

marcie earrings


laura earrings

when it comes to necklaces, you should find a classic model such as one with pearls or with a small, elegant pendant. a piece like this will elevate your look and help you show a bit of personality in an elegant way.

one of my favorites is the klein model, an iconic classic that accompanies me on the most important moments and my interview at CINCO was no exception (I'm sure it will bring you a lot of luck too).

tatjana necklace


filomena necklace


klein necklace

another detail that always works is a cuff bracelet. if you choose a look in neutral tones, a gold bracelet could be the right key to bring your look together. they are such a great way to reflect your modern and sophisticated character!

little arlo bracelet


joana gonçalves is the new member of our team. her educational background includes a bachelor degree in economics and a post-graduation in digital marketing. ambitious & motivated, she believes CINCO is the best way to a new fresh start.

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